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Dear Concerned Citizen,

Welcome to Open Book, a database that compares state contracts with campaign contributions.

The Open Book database does just that, opens the books and allows users to essentially "follow the money." It provides a true portal of transparency for state government, where every dollar donated is recorded and can be traced back to any state contract awarded.

Our Open Book database combines information from the Comptroller's accounting system with the Illinois State Board of Elections semi-annual campaign finance disclosure reports, filed by political committees. Simply enter the name of an entity that conducts business with the State of Illinois, and compare that entity's state contract to any political contributions it has made.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office with any additional questions or requests for information about this database at openbook@IllinoisComptroller.Gov. We are standing by, and look forward to providing whatever assistance you may need.

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions on how to improve the site? Email us at OpenBook@IllinoisComptroller.Gov

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions on how to improve the site? Email us at openbook@IllinoisComptroller.Gov
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